Words, Music, Memory Moves to James Madison University

On December 5th, the Words, Music, Memory exhibit will be in residency at the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts at James Madison University. The opening of the exhibit will coincide with the lecture recital “Words, Music, Memory: An Exploration of Four Soprano Song Cycles by Lori Laitman based on Poetry by Victims of the Holocaust.” The exhibit will conclude during James Madison University’s International Holocaust Remembrance programming as a part of a 2-day residency with composer Lori Laitman on Friday, January 28th.

To learn more about the genesis and evolution of the Words, Music, Memory project, check out Episode 23: Interview with Sheena Ramirez and Adina Langer of Conversations at the Cohen Center: A Podcast featuring Graduate Students and Faculty in Conversation.

from L to R: Jeremiah Padilla (pianist), Dr. Jeanette Zyko (oboe/English Horn), Lori Laitman (composer), Dr. Sheena Ramirez (soprano), Adina Langer (curator).

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